LPN-RN Option

LPN-RN Option

In addition to the admission requirements, if you are a licensed practical nurse seeking admission to the program, you must be a graduate of a state-approved LPN program, provide evidence of a current LPN license, and submit two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your clinical work.

Advanced Standing for the LPN If you're an LPN and have been admitted to our associate degree program, you may be granted five credits in nursing by successfully completing the following requirements:

  • The National League for Nursing Acceleration Challenge Examination I Practical Nurse-Registered Nurse (NLN ACE I PN-RN) Foundations of Nursing
  • Nursing 0100 Transition Nursing for LPNs



Minimum Credits: 2
Maximum Credits: 2
Facilitates transition of the LPN to associate degree nursing student. Major focus is on the roles of the associate degree nurse, the nursing process with emphasis on history taking, physical assessment and individualized nursing care plans; and, stressors related to fluid/ electrolyte-acid/base balance.
Academic Career: UGRD
Course Component: Lecture
Grade Component: LG/SNC Elective Basis